Inertia. Why Sometimes Doing Nothing Is the Right Choice

For the past week I have been inactive, at least in my writing. I’ve certainly watched the news, read my usual media, and had my opinions, but felt exasperated by the frustrations of feeling like I’m on the gerbil wheel spinning to no where. It was most likely indicative of the messes in my own world versus the more global perspective. I think I felt like any slant I took would be too harsh based on my own experiences of life lately. However, as I realized during my pity party of the last week, it is never all bad. I’m alive, have more than most and wouldn’t appreciate the greatness around me if I never felt the angst as well.

One of the news items of the week that I personally viewed more befitting of the National Inquirer versus The New York Times was the pouring over of Sarah Palin’s e-mails. 24,000 documents released and asked oh so nicely for the general public to jump on board to uncover whatever could be found. I mean really, there is so much more important information, action, and time spent better than perusing Sarah Palin’s official governor e-mails. I just can not fathom how deeply seeded this vitriol weighs on the zealots behind the lynch mob effect looking to tar and feather this woman.

I’m not praising her, nor am I deriding her. Personally, that is a moot point. I am tremendously concerned that this type of scrutiny would be undertaken solely on the crusade of finding ways to bring her down. No one has to like Sarah Palin or admire her for that matter, but she should be shown basic tenets of respect as a human being. Philosophically, you do not have to agree with her, but is that enough reason to desire to look for ways to harm her character?

Why not do nothing. Dont buy her books, don’t watch her shows, don’t follow her bus tour, don’t vote for her, but most importantly dont invent new ways to be spiteful without merit or cause. I rarely could ever find reasons worthy to allow or understand such behaviour, so I choose to ignore this as news and hope that others break away from this type of poisonous mindset.

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