New CNN Poll, Taking a Deeper Look at the Numbers

A new CNN Poll at first glance shows President Obama’s approval rating to be edging higher. In taking a more in-depth study of the actual numbers and questions asked, the only places his ratings were over the 50 percent mark was foreign policy.  Which I really don’t even want to address today, because I do not fall in the happy side of the equation, and the explanation is too long-winded.

Quite telling in looking at the questions asked, and better yet the history of when the same question was asked a year or more ago, is the drop in approval in every other category. President Obama has not had a 50 percent or over rating in any other category since September of 2009. In fact many of his swings downward have been over 15 percent in Health Care, the Budget Deficit, and taxes. None of our domestic policies has been viewed with any positive feedback in close to two years. Interesting data, please look it over!

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