A Trillion Dollars, the Road Trip for More Spending!?!

1.5 trillion more dollars of debt is the Congressional Budget Office’s projection for this year. In just grasping the concept of what a trillion actually is, the aspect of how much money it involves I offer a visual I found at page-tutor

It is very worthwhile to put a perspective on the sheer size of it. I’m angry and frustrated that as this new announcement came out, our President is out on a public relations tour around the country trying to promote his “pillars” of spending.
We can not afford to invest more into anything without cutting back first. The mentality, of constantly adding more without taking away somewhere else first, is mind blowing. There is no surplus, no extra, no discretionary income to speak of for our nation at the moment. This is not the time for a wish list with a new puppy on it. Puppies are cute but cost money, time and effort. Nothing is worse than a neglected or abused puppy that has grown into a big dog that’s dirty, untrained and bites.
The financial crisis of our budget needs to be addressed first and foremost. Debt will not add any value, it never has. Our country’s future is being put in a precarious situation, this is not the time to ignore our financial problems, but attempt to correct them. President Obama, Congress, and the Senate need to stop fighting, stop working on anything else and fix the budget.

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