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Fannie and Freddie as frustratrating as ever

An article in the WSJ today stated, much to my immense frustration that the GOP is backpedaling on how quickly the government should cut ties with these mortgage lending behemoths. In a hindsight moment are we not aware that a huge portion of … Continue reading

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Free flow of ideas:thought provoking or just goofing around

An E-mail exchange that occurred between me and two siblings, I’m sharing this because its funny, current politically, though also not politically correct. We were not trying to be public, nor derogatory, or racist or inflammatory….just free thought and sometimes … Continue reading

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Christmas Lessons

I love the holidays. I love the rituals that go along with them, and especially being with family and friends. Each Holiday has different traditions within my family, Christmas morning is spent watching the magic of children’s desires opening their … Continue reading

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Best Quote and Merry Christmas!!

Best quote I’ve heard in a while…”I’d love to agree with you but then we’d both be wrong.” Just loved it when I heard it! Spent the day in a Norman Rockwell print..Baking Cookies, making dinner for dear family, church (and … Continue reading

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The National Economy

A new poll was completed by the American Research Group that gives a pretty clear indication of what Americans think of how the President is handling things as well as how well the economy is doing called the National Economy. … Continue reading

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Where to start the budget cuts!

I just read an interesting report put together by Sen. Tom Coburn called, The Waste Book.    The report goes through a detailed list of what Sen. Coburn deems  to be the top 100 wasteful government spending projects of just this last year. … Continue reading

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Too busy today…I did 108 sun salutations in yoga today in honor of the winter solstice. Awesome, inspiring, but I’ve got nothing left!

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